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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  December 27, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

6:30 pm right now the jets are giving their fans a very good reason to cheer. the team took destiny into their own hands. helped in part by this coin toss decision that will likely go down in history. you saw it live here.
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turned into a real biter ended with gang green keeping their hopes alive. this coin toss, why was it so entertaining? >> this is a game to the final seconds. it's called fitz magic. >> today's game did come with an ending full of pressure. after the patriots forced overtime. the jets took the ball down the field and ended with a pass to decker. the win combined with the steelers loss puts destiny in their own hands. if they win next week, they're in the playoffs. we'll tell you why the patriot's coin decision was so perplexing. right now we'll send it out to valerie castro with a jets fan base in the mood to celebrate. >> reporter: steve, we're here outside a bar in hell's kitchen where fans say they never had a
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into overtime that the jets would come away with a win. >> the new york jets overcame the new england patriots with a win in overtime. jets fans and patriot fans sat side by side cheering on the team that's one game away from the playoffs, and fans couldn't be more excited. >> awesome. i couldn't make it to the game today. my daughter made me late. so i came to the bar to watch it. so it's awesome. let's go, jets. >> oh, my god. i'm so excited, and the steelerss lost. we're making it to the playoffs, no doubt. >> that was a great win for us. we needed it. >> we can still make the playoffs. one more win. we're going all the way. >> as you heard, it was a very exciting outcome. you can imagine that bar will be packed again when the jets play the bills for a playoff chance.
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you. >> new at 6:30. a driver crashed into a store while customers were inside shopping. it happened in new rochelle, it gave everybody a scare. diane, i'm standing in front of the shoretown stationary store. you can see behind me, it's no store front. it's gone. as you mentioned what occurred earlier today was frightening for everyone involved. we'll show everyone what happened. this is surveillance video taken around noon today. an elderly woman was behind the wheel of this vehicle. as she pulls in to park, the vehicle crashes into the store, knocking one man to the floor and scattering debris scene. i spoke to gary phillips who was inside the store when the car came crashing in. >> it sounded like an explosion. it was something that, you know, i never heard before. crash. i didn't see the car.
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car knocked into me and knocked me backward. for the most part, at that point in time, the gentleman was on the floor. >> now, this is what it looked like moments after the crash. this is a picture taken by a passer-by. you can see the vehicle sticking out of the store. now, police say the gentleman you saw who was struck by the car was taken to a monte medical center. no charges have been filed against the driver. police say she accidentally hit the gas instead of the break. reporting live, mark morgan, cbs 2 news. >> thank you, mark. there was another dangerous thing that happened. someone threw a brick at a bmw, smashing the smashing the windshield and injured two people.
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driver in the shoulder a. female passenger suffered facial and eye injuries. a toddler's boy in father is speaking out about the incident that left his child hospitalized for another day. >> brian is in jersey city. he wants to know who shot his 1 and a half-year-old baby son and why. that toddler is still in the hospital here at the jersey city medical center tonight after undergoing emergency surgery to remove a bullet from his cheek. tonight the father described the moments. >> i heard four or five shots. >> he said it's a miracle his son wasn't killed when a gunman opened fire outside the jersey city post office saturday afternoon, shattering their car's rare window and their sense of security.
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but he fears it could have been much worse. >> it's here. the doctor took it out. it's very painful for the child to cut inside. >> surrounded by family and friend outside the hospital, he said he moved his family from jersey city from egypt for a better life, but the random shooting of his young baby and other recent violence in the city has him asking if anyone is safe anymore. >> should we have to let our kids go to school or safer to stay at home. maybe i expect one day my daughter or son get killed or i have to move from jersey city or to another state. >> so far, no arrests have been made in the shooting. he tells us he would like to speak to jersey city leaders about safety and security and what can be done to protect
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who was sitting in the backseat of the car when those shots range out yesterday. he tells us he's absolutely terrified, afraid that a bullet could come flying out of nowhere at any moment. cbs 2 news. fears. brian, thank you so much. firefighters are battling heavy flames in brooklyn. a viewer posted this video of the fire on 61st street. fire officials say it was a rubbish fire, and there are no injuries. well, times square new year's eve ball is getting glitz to bring in 2016. they installed new waterford crystal triangles. it has a facetted star burst. it's going with this year's theme of design, gift of wonder. it's supposed to inspire fantasy and optimism. >> it's special. it's about a celebration and looking ahead. it is about that sense of wonderment of what 2016 is
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>> the new triangles are add to the more than -- crystal triangles. they're meant to withstand temperature fluctuations as that ball hits 70 feet above time square on new year's eve. there's winter weather alerts tonight. coming up in your full forecast, just know we've got things cold enough for snow. interesting. also ahead, a developing story down south. see the damage from twin twisters that packed winds up to 200 miles per hour. we're live on the ground. plus, can you tell what's wrong with this picture. a new jersey congregation says they're heartbroken days after christmas. and going, going, gone. pastries are selling out at a
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today emergency crews began surveying the damage. garland is an hour northeast of dallas. it's one of the hardest hit areas. >> a man was surveying his home here. take a look behind me, one of many homes on this street that looked just like it. many in this neighborhood that looked just like it. it it has the doll house effect. the man said he looked outside and saw the f4 tornado. only the second f4 ever recorded here in our area headed straight toward him. he said he had a matter of seconds to run and hide in his bathroom before the damage and the wind and the debris did this. when you see the entire area, it's shocking.
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in this area saw damage. in garland, 100 of those more than completely wiped out. homes destroyed. we did talk to a lot of people who have been coming back here and surveying. it's been tough for them, but not as tough for those that lost loved ones. 8 people were killed in these storms. here in garland, 11 people were killed total in our area. as people have been coming back to pick up the pieces, they've also been trying to survey their area and see what parts of their lives they can salvage. >> all right. dan hagerty from garland, texas. police are searching for whoever stole a baby jesus stat you. it disappeared in cliffton sometime between 7:00 last night and 7:00 this morning. the statue had just been purchased this holiday season. they will continue to pray for the conversion of sinners and ask parishioners to post the
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still ahead, a weather alert for the start of the work week. warm today, but we could actually see wintery mix weather very soon. what will you see outside your window? also, a sign of the times, closing time at a decades old bakery that's been a staple in the bronx. follow us on facebook.
6:43 pm york.
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down after decades of serving up sweet treats in the bronx. why the business is closing up shop? >> reporter: devoted customers started lining up in parkchester earlier this morning and ordered their favorite sweet treats for the last time. >> i had to come for the last hoorah. my best friend and i grew up here. >> they're known for their challah bread. they're in higher demand than ever and sold out in minutes. >> someone came and buy. she said give me all of them. for people in this neighborhood, being there is their sunday tradition. they've been meeting up there for decades. >> we're coming to grieve. >> that tradition is coming to an end. this location that opened in 1959 just off the cross bronx expressway will shult its doors tomorrow. >> where am i going to get my coffee, my bakery goods.
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told him four weeks ago the lease will not be renewed and told them to call the company to express concerns. we tried calling and have not heard back. >> when we found out they were going to end the lease, i said, how can they do this. people question how shutting down a bronx institution will effect this community. >> it will not be the same. it will not be the same. >> the owner tells us he's expecting it to be packed in here tomorrow on its final day. the store will open at 5:00 in the morning, and it closes for good at 9:00 at night. in parkchester, cbs 2 news. >> they have ten other locations that will stay open. the owner says he's also trying to find another spot in parkchester. let's check this with elise finch and your forecast. a lot of variety along the week. now we're talking about wintery mix. >> i know. we're talking about record temperatures.
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talking about upcoming winter weather. things get interesting. let's check in with some of our weather watchers. we do have very, very mild temperatures starting in new jersey. this is george in atlantic highlands. 63 degrees is our current temperature. he says warm and damp kind of day. yes, sir it was. it was so warm that any moisture, certainly there was rain, nothing else. things are starting to cool down already. this is charlie. he's always sort of the first when things are coming in from the west. so 45 degrees where he is. he says the temps are falling faster than christmas tree needles. i like it, charlie, i like it a lot. it's going to be a very different day. let's take a live look outside, see where we are. you can see we've got rain on the lens. you can see some of the clouds and the fog out there. fog and showers, 61 degrees is what we'll call it right now.
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a record, 61 for jfk, a record 60 for iceland. central park we needed to get to 63. didn't get there. one of the cooler locations in bridgeport, connecticut. 40 degrees is the norm. today was 61. 21 degrees above normal. only two degrees shy of the record. and we do have another record overall. most 60-degree days or warmer in december. the previous record, 8. as of today, we have 11 this december. we shattered that record. that's for sure. we're taking a look. the rain, we have more moving here is the line. you can see it there. wet weather, right? warm front lifts through. we're getting a surge of warm air. here's the cold front. colder air moves in. we turn on the futurecast tomorrow night. that's when temperatures drop enough to support this cold. so it's cold enough, and the moisture is present. this is what we're expecting early tuesday morning.
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most of the city, jersey and long island island. new jersey could see a wintery mix. of course as we head into 5:30, more people out and about. we're talk about moderate to heavy rain. we're starting to see some of the wintery mix we're talking about. some of the sleet and freezing rain turns to all rain. things get interesting for us there. for tonight, early showers. things remain cloudy. 40 degrees. we head into the day tomorrow. definitely a change. we were talking records. tomorrow a bit of a reality check. 42 degrees as clouds increase. we have those winter weather alerts for the city. pretty much everybody north and west. they go into effect at 6:00 p.m. looks like we could still be looking at showers new year's eve into new year's day. still ahead, more on the jets' wild finish and what the win means for their playoff chances.
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plap piano music. i'm glad you finally made it, dad. you have to experience this city. that's what you always say. you were right about the food.
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steve ober meyer is here. >> i don't know what the patriots were thinking, but i think all jets fans are thinking, thank you, i appreciate it. a bill belichick team, they don't beat themselves, but today we saw them make a mental mistake on a very important coin flip. this wasn't just a must-win for the jets. the patriots banged up on both sides of the ball, especially in the secondary. that's where brandon marshall
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he sets a record for the jets for the most receptions in a season. he also brought in a couple of touchdowns. the jets had a 14-point lead in this one. the last five yets patriots games have been decided by 7 points or less. it wasn't a surprise when new england tied the game in the final two minutes, which make this is decision so baffling. the patriots chose to kick the ball in overtime. the gaffe not only gave the jets the ball, it also gave them the choice to go with the wind, and they did. ryan fitzpatrick had only beaten the patriots once in his career. things are different now. over his last five games, he's thrown just one interception and 13 touchdowns, including the game-winning walkoff td to eric decker. jets win 26-20. once again now sit in the final wild card spot. here's why.
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let down against their arch rival in baltimore, ben roethlisberger throwing two interceptions. pittsburgh falls to the ravens. the jets control their own destiny. now the jets will secure a playoff spot with a win next week against the buffalo bills. >> we have a long way to go. we have ways to go. we have things to clean up. we have not arrived. they fight. they've got character. and they learn how to play together. that's the biggest thing we're doing right now. >> we have to work hard this week and go to buffalo with a million different storylines there. you know, we've got to win the game, so excited that that's kind of figured out at this point, that we do control our own destiny, but we've got to take care of business. >> watching the giants tonight. the focus is certainly going to
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their star receiver, and a shot at the playoffs. last night the redskins beat the eagles to win the afc east. this is going to be the fourth straight year the giants missed the playoffs. tom coughlin could be coaching his final games for the big blue. they're playing for nothing but pride. we'll see how much they have. highlanders taking on their rival at the christmas break. it's backup goaltender between the pipes. it is scoreless right now in the first intermission. finally, a staple of the nets games. for the past 19 years, a super fan called mr. whammy. he stands behind the goals, coasting a curse at the free throw shooter, but security thought -- i guess he had too much enchantment on this encan'tation.
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he was nearly removed from the game. he was allowed to stay. if you're wondering if he has a whammy that works, apparently opponents' shooting percentage drops 3% when they're shooting at his goal. >> thanks so much. that does it for cbs 2 news at 6:30. for the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks so much for joining us. we'll beback again tonight at
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